Never offered in the US market, the BLS was a platform-mate to the Saab 9-3 that was also built by GM at the same time. Offered in sedan and wagon forms from 2006-2009 model years.


The sedan that started it all (in the rear-drive, Art & Science, era of Cadillac sedans).

1st Generation (2003-2007) | 2nd Generation Sedan (2008-2013) | 2nd Generation Coupe (2011-2014) | 2nd Generation Wagon (2010-2014)


Cadillac’s iconic SUV that may not have started the luxury, big-ute, craze, but certainly is one of the most well known and iconic.

1st generation (1999-2000) | 2nd Generation (2002-2006) | 3rd Generation (2007-2014)


Larger sibling to the CTS. Based on GM’s Sigma rear-drive platform in V-6 and V-8. Sold from 2005-2011 model years.


Cadillac sports car built on GM’s Corvette platform. Styled as a production version of the Evoq concept car and sold from 2004-2009 model years.


Cadillac’s coupe variant of the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid. Built from 2014-2016, but a slow seller (so much so that Cadillac skipped the 2015 model year altogether to sell the 2014’s that were left over.


Cadillac’s original crossover SUV, built on the Sigma rear-drive chassis shared with the CTS and STS of its time. Then, the second generation moved to GM’s Theta chassis, shared with the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain.

1st Generation (2004-2009) 2nd Generation (2010-2016)


The more recent version of the prior DeVille, renamed to fit the Cadillac naming of the day. Sold as a 2006-2011 model year.


Cadillac’s big sedan at the beginning of the 2000’s (2000-2005 model year). This is the car many people think of when thinking of Cadillac to this day. The last generation of this car under the DeVille name, but it stuck around under the DTS name for years later.


Cadillac’s volume model during the late 90’s through the beginning of the Art & Science era of Cadillac (1998-2004 model years). This gallery represents the Seville that was on sale when the new generation/rear drive Cadillacs were being designed.