Softening of the Cadillac style - good or bad thing?

I would say that most people here at the Caddy Edge are big fans of Cadillacs new styling theme. However, there are people within GM and Cadillac who aren't. Let's take a look at one and what it might mean to our beloved Cadillac. GM's product development efforts are now headed by a man, legendary in the automotive industry, Bob Lutz. Lutz is famous for knowing instinctively what the car buying public wants. He has also made it no secret that he is no fan of Cadillac's new 'edgy' look. It is sufficiently new and different that it doesn't quite 'work' in his eyes. One look at the Sixteen concept vs. the Cien shows his influence beginning to show. However, the success of the CTS (now selling above projections), has helped keep many of the cues intact (creased fenders, vertical head and taillights, bold grille) even on the Sixteen. I have read a book written by Bob Lutz, Guts, about his years in the auto industry before and during his stay at Chrysler (his last auto job before GM). He did refer to one event in his career that I would ask him to remember now. He dealt with an executive at Ford who did not care for the look of one of the Merkur cars that was going to be brought to the US. He gave him a photo of the car with the simple instruction: view daily until familiarity is achieved Those words would make great advise to a powerful man at GM in a time where it would be all too easy to water down the Cadillac look. Don't let it happen, Mr. Lutz. Cadillac deserves a chance. Scott K - the Caddy Edge