Helping out our friends - Sky MSRP list

Sky Red LineYou may notice something a bit odd in the links at the top of the Caddy Edge pages. Links to some Saturn Sky info. Well, the Sky is another car that your humble webmaster is quite fond of (and has some of that Cadillac edgy-ness as well). It appears that there is a need for a clearing-house of information for folks looking for a Saturn dealer that isn't trying to pad their MSRP by adding required options, etc. So, I'm adding a couple pages to the Caddy Edge for a while in order for folks to be able to better find the dealers who are 'doing it right' and sticking to the Saturn way of doing business. If any of our faithful Caddy fans are also Sky fans - be sure to drop me a line and let me know what is up with your local dealer. Details of the info we're looking for is on the Saturn Sky MSRP Page.