What's missing at Cadillac?

Cadillac is working to move itself out of the shadow of the global luxury makers, including Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. It is doing so not with rhetoric but with solid engineering and desirable products. With excellent products such as the CTS, SRX, and XLR, they are well on their way. At this point, we know replacements for the Seville and Deville are in the works. We even know of Cadillac's commitment to performance with the upcoming v-Series line. The question that a Cadillac enthusiast can ask now is 'what else should Cadillac build that we don't already know about?' Let's take a look at the competition to see if Cadillac has some easy-to-spot markets to tap... [table removed] It is obvious that Cadillac is just getting started and will surely fill many of these segments as time and resources allow. Conspicuous in their absence are a coupe variant of the CTS and an entry-level roadster in the 35-40k range. These would be exciting additions to Cadillac's line-up and would surely sell well...just image a version of the CTS with a faster rear roof-line, packing the v-Series v-8 or a 3/4 scale XLR, built on the Sigma chassis, with the 260hp 3.6l v-6 from the 04 CTS. Some of these segments will, no doubt, be left vacant due to Cadillac's desire to stay up-market of the 30k floor they have set for themselves with the CTS. In the past, executives at Cadillac have asserted that they will not follow BMW, Mercedes, and Audi down-market into the mid-20k range (as they do or will do with their 1-series, C coupe, and A3). Also, it is significant to note that Cadillac is the only brand poised to enter the ultra-luxury sedan market under it's own logo (while the competition aims to use existing or resurrected brands to enter the segment). By limiting themselves to being only a luxury brand, Cadillac does not cheapen its image by also selling less than impressive entry-level cars and the top model serves as a halo car for the entire brand (and GM as a corporation as well). Time will tell if this strategy will be the successful one. All of this does serve as food for thought and discussion about what the future of Cadillac will look like. It certainly sounds like fun to us.