Provoq confirmed as SRX replacement

x08cc ca042As if we didn't suspect this already - Automotive News is reporting an interview with Cadillac head Jim Taylor that the Provoq will see production (in gas powered form, of course) in 2009 as the spiritual successor to the SRX. Sales goals for the new crossover (based on GM's 'premium Theta' platform) are 60-70k units per year. This compares to the 20k units the SRX sells per year. For those who liked the SRX's sporty bent and wouldn't be caught dead in one of these 'crossover/SUV-ish' things...Cadillac will have your number with the CTS sport wagon that should hit the market about the same time as the CTS coupe (i.e. 2010 model year). Source - Automotive News via eGMCarTech