Converj vs Volt

Converj ProfileLet's take a quick look at the Converj vs. the Chevy Volt to determine if they are indeed the same platform (as some have conjectured): Wheelbase: Volt - 105.7 Converj - 108.0 Length: Volt - 177 Converj - 182 Width: Volt - 70.8 Converj - 74 Height: Volt - 56.3 Converj - 55 Power: Volt - 150 kW Converj - 120 kW Torque: Volt - 273 lb-ft Converj - 273 lb-ft So, it appears that the powertrains are mostly the same, but the platform they are built on differs significantly in the hard-points of wheelbase and width. Given that the upcoming Alpha chassis is rumored to be a 110 inch wheelbase and coupes often are cut down a isn't impossible to think that the chassis could be based on the Alpha rather than the Volt's Delta. Countering this is the belief that the Alpha is a rear-drive platform, and the Converj concept is clearly a front-driver. However, this could all be indicative of a concept that is truly a one-off rather than based on an upcoming product. However, that would make this the first concept in the last 3 that is not related to a production vehicle (after the CTS Coupe and the Provoq which ended up being the new SRX).