June 2017 Cadillac Sales - The Story of a Two Market Company Continues

Cadillac has released their sales numbers for the month of June 2017. Of note: US sales are down again by 11.8% (1683 units).  This is offset by an increase in Chinese sales by 3334 (an increase in that market of 34.9%).  This places China as the #1 market for the brand for yet another month (if only by 306 units). Combined with an increase in RoW sales (Rest of World) by exactly 200 units results in a world-wide sales increase of 7.2% (1851 units). Year to date, worldwide sales are up 27.1% and Chinese sales are up 75%.  US sales are largely flat (down by 1.6% this year). The XT5 remains the brands best-selling model with sales of 10900 (back of the envelope calculations give us that the single model makes up over 39% of the brand sales), again highlighting why Cadillac is rushing to get other crossovers to market to cover the loss in sales of sedans. Brand President Johan de Nysschen: 

Cadillac continues to grow globally, despite the shift away from sedans in the U.S. market.  The success of the XT5 and the increase in sales of the CT6 shows that we are attracting unique buyers to the brand, building momentum for our incredible product offensive beginning next year.

  Let's take a quick look at the US market sales, specifically to see how the XT5 is bolstering sales in the Cadillac home market: Here we can see that the ATS, CTS, and XTS are all sharply down over last year by a total of 1549 sales.  XT5 sales are up 906 units.  Escalade sales are up 460 units.  CT6 is the only sedan with a sales increase though only by 52 units.  This could be due to increased awareness and likely was at the expense of CTS and XTS sales that would have occurred if the new flagship sedan had not been introduced. As we have said before, and Cadillac no-doubt knows, the XT3 and XT7 can't get to market soon enough. Sorry for the delay getting this post out - the US Independence Day holiday and a vacation delayed our post.