Cadillac Unveils Their Extended Range Electric the ELR

Tonight, Cadillac released details about the new ELR coupe. 20130115-020655.jpgBased on the technology and chassis of Chevrolet's Volt sedan, the ELR puts the eco-friendly tech in a sexy 2-door wrapper with seating for 4. Rumors have flown about how much the ELR would deviate from the Volt, with our bet being 'not by much'. While we would have welcomed a surprise, the ELR is largely on par with the Volt with some exceptions related to power output of its electric motor (if not any difference in its range extender specifications). Interesting details include:

  • Standard CUE infotainment with standard navigation (including charging location points of interest)
  • Equal battery capacity (16.5 kWH) as well as range extender size and output (1.4l gas engine driving a 55kW generator)
  • Increased drive motor power ranging from 117-135kW...up from Volt's 111kW. Total power is up from 149 to 207hp and 273 to 295 lb*ft of torque.
  • 106.1" wheelbase, up over 1/2 inch over the Volt sedan.
  • 20" wheels with low rolling resistance all-season tires (245/40R20).
  • 12.6" front, 12" rear brake disks (up from 11.8/11.5).
  • HiPer Strut front suspension and rear shocks with four corner, real-time dampening control (and user selectable driving modes).

The ELR will go into production in late 2013 and go on-sale in early 2014.

ELRScott KissingerComment