GM's Self-Driving Tech on Display in Robo-SRX

The folks at Cadillac are working on the next phase of driver assist technology. Currently we have radar integrated cruise control, sensors to keep us from running into things at all sorts of speeds, lane departure warnings...and the means to let the car steer itself. Combined together you have Cadillac's semi-autonomous technology. Engaged much like a cruise control - this system also takes control of watching the road (if distinct lane markings are visible) and controlling heading as well as speed. It isn't the same as getting in the car, punching in a destination, and kicking back to relax - but it certainly could take a significant amount of fatigue out of long journeys. Expect this technology to show up first in a Cadillac in about 1 generation (perhaps in the Omega-based flagship sedan) - expected in the next 3-5 years. If this system catches on, you could easily see this available in all Cadillacs within a decade. Personally, I'll take my ATS-V with a manual and an 'off' button for such things. ;-) Check out a lengthy demo of the system from the good folks at below: