Cadillac Officially Renames 'LTS' to CT6

Cadillac officially announced the name of their upcoming halo car.  What we all had assumed was going to be called LTS has not only been named but a preview of a name shift at the brand  has as well.  The new car will be called CT6. What this suggests to us, and admittedly with only a single datapoint, is that Cadillac is recognizing the brand equity in the CTS line and is likely to pull a portion of its name into a re-brand of the entire line. We would not be surprised to see the ATS re-badged the CT2 and the current CTS as the CT4 in the coming months.  This could have been predicted  given the new head of Cadillac Johan De Nysschen also renamed the entire Infiniti line while he was there (arguably to make the line more rationally named).CTS made out of a CT5?This may not entirely have been his doing as a few years ago there was a strong rumor that Cadillac was about to rename the CTS the CT5 (a banner at the second-generation car's debut looked very much like someone had edited the 5 at the last moment to make it look more like an 'S' - see the image to the left, imagine it with a couple pixels filled in to the top left and you have a '5').  In that case we could be looking at a future CT3 (ATS) and CT5 (CTS) to go with the new CT6.  However, all of this is purely conjecture.