Cadillac Crossovers to get 'XT' Names

Cadillac's Chief Marketing Officer, Uwe Ellinghaus, in an interview with Forbes, has confirmed another piece of the brand's new naming scheme. After confirming that sedans will get a 'CT#' scheme, starting with their new flagship CT6, we were left wondering what the utilities in the line would be called. 'XT#' will denote crossovers, with the number similarly showing position in the model hierarchy. Plans are to bring to market a crossover both above and below the current SRX. The exception, as expected, will be the Escalade - just owing to its powerful name recognition. Unlike the naming mess that ensued at Infiniti by changing model names mid-cycle, Cadillac is expected to introduce new names when products are replaced. This should minimize confusion if take a while longer to complete the change-over (possibly taking up to 5 years...if they don't get impatient between now and the next version of the CTS (the newest member of the line and likely last to be replaced). It certainly is an interesting time to follow Cadillac's strategy. Source: