Cadillac Working on Twin-Turbo V-8


CT6As you may recall, Cadillac was working on a replacement for the 4.6l Northstar V-8 some years ago, but decided to shelve the program in favor of direct injection and forced induction V-6 engines and the corporate overhead valve V-8 for performance models. Well, under the new leadership of their new CEO Johan de Nysschen, this program has been put back on the fast track. This will allow Cadillac to more closely compete in the minds of consumers with a powertrain that will be perceived as current and up-to-date. Displacement of this new V-8 will come in at 4.2l (larger than the engines from competing brands which are trying to skirt expensive fees levied in China on engines over 4.0l in displacement) and, with twin-turbos, horsepower will fall in the upper-400 range. Cadillac expects to unveil the new engine in the CT6 flagship but not as a V-series. We expect the V-8 TT CT6 to be badged as a vSport at very sportiest trim if not only as a Platinum. Expect the new engine to bow in the 2018 CT6 at the earliest.