A Euro perspective - CAR reviews the SRX

SRXCAR, one of the premier UK auto magazines, has just posted online their driving impressions of the SRX V-8. It is interesting to read, if only to get a taste of what is important to that audience vs. what typically is considered important in the US/North American market. Given their cost of fuel, it is obvious that the thirsty nature of any US aimed SUV would be a shock to their systems, but it is interesting to hear how surprised they are by loud stereos and cold A/C systems. They are less than pleased by the soft seats and suspension, as well as the interior design (though they are not driving the 2007 with its new interior), but recognize how they are an indicator of the primary market for which the SRX is designed. It is interesting, in light of Cadillac's push to be more of a player in Europe that they will have to either have unique models or at least unique features in their vehicles when sold across the pond to be true contenders. This is much as the Euro competition offer different feature mixes to appeal over here. Check out the review over at: CAR Online: Cadillac SRX First Drive