Cadillac ATS-V to Out Power BMW M3/M4

Okay, that title is designed to get your attention. It did, didn't it. However, I stick to it for the following reason. BMW just announced the new M3 sedan and it's M4 coupe twin will pack a 3.0 liter turbo straight 6 with 424 hp and 369 lb*ft of torque. These are impressive numbers, to be sure. However, we fully expect Cadillac to equip the, yet to be announced, ATS-V with a variant of the twin-turbo 3.6 V-6 from the CTS and XTS vSport. In the CTS the engine packs 420 hp and 430 lb*ft, slightly less than that in the XTS to protect the transmission. So, it is safe to assume that Cadillac we go for at the very least bragging rights by hitting 425hp or even more in a true V-Series model. The torque number will have the ATS soundly embarrassing the M cars. Also, the ATS is a lighter car even further distancing itself from the specs of the BMW offerings. But, I hear you crying, BMW is the ultimate driving machine. That has to count for something. Well, Cadillac's performance wizards do have some chops of their own and technologies like magnetic ride control to deliver an amazing handler as well. I eagerly await the war of 'Ring lap times that these two cars will launch in the near future. BMW plans to sell the new M cars early in would be safe to say the new ATS-V will bow at an auto show coming soon with on-sale possible not long after. Source: Jalopnik