The Tease Continues - Cadillac XT4 and the Oscars

Cadillac has released their 2018 Oscar ad lineup.  The 3 commercials culminate with the XT4 from many different angles than what we saw Friday morning in the grill teaser.  This 30 second spot will be Cadillac's last to air during the 2018 Oscar broadcast.

The XT4 is slated to debut at the end of March at the 2018 New York Auto Show.  Expect plenty of coverage of the newest model here at the when it is available. Cadillac will also be airing 2 other spots during the Oscars this year.  A 60 second spot titled "Future is Here" shows off the 200 mph CTS-V, the CT6 with Super Cruise, as well as providing a few teasing images of the XT4 (in advance of the XT4 spot that will air later in the evening.  For those that can't wait, they posted the full commercial:

In their second spot of the night, we have "Future Cars" that opens with a selection of futuristic visions of cars over time leading up to a demonstration of the CT6 with Super Cruise.