What's wrong with this picture

08CTS spySomething hasn't seemed right to me since the spy photos surfaced a few days ago of the next CTS undergoing testing. Now I think I know why. Is this not the next CTS? No, definitely not. Is Cadillac going the wrong direction stylistically - I don't think so. What had me puzzled was the fact that the camo does absolutely nothing to actually disguise the car. Come on, camo that leaves the entire grill, headlights, and fog lights easily identifiable? I don't think so. My guess? This is a play by Cadillac, in the same vein as Audi plays the spy photographers with barely covered cars to generate buzz for their products. I think they are putting a lightly disguised car out with the express purpose of getting the photos taken and published. Also, you might notice that this car has different lighting than the mock-up shown on 60 Minutes...it could be that this is not the final product, that the mock-up is of yet another, but related, product, or that the styling studio car was just the inspiration for the next CTS. Only time, and further leaked info, will tell. More spy photos over at Edmunds.