Detroit News - Cadillac to be one of only 2 full-line GM divisions

The Detroit News is reporting a statement from 'car czar' Bob Lutz about the future of GM's 8 brands. The Cadillac angle? That Cadillac will be a 'full-line' division. The only other division to get this honor? Chevrolet. This essentially means that Cadillac will play in all the luxury markets, eventually. Where brands like Hummer (large, blocky SUV's), Pontiac (performance niche) will be limited to a small stable of products that best fit a more focused brand image - Cadillac and Chevrolet will cover more ground and be able to sustain, by themselves, a dealership. Other brands' showrooms will need to be co-located with other brands to be viable. So, this means we should continue to expect expansion of the Cadillac brand into segments not currently covered. For instance, we could see a BMW X3 competitor in the form of the rumored BLX small crossover; a CTS coupe and wagon; a smaller sports car to compliment the XLR; as well as a true BMW 7-series, Mercedes S-class competitor in the form of a V-8/V-12 mega-sedan. It looks like a great time to be a Cadillac fan. Read about it here: Detroit News - Axing Saab, Hummer not in GM's downsizing plans