GM announces 6L50 6-speed automatic and its debut in certain Cadillac models

6L80 STS-VGM announced on Tuesday (May 30, 2006) a significant investment in their Ypsilanti transmission plant in order to prepare for the new 6L50 6-speed automatic. This transmission will be used in a wide range of rear and all-wheel drive models including some 2007 STS and SRX models (note, the 6L80 - in the picture above - is the current transmission used in the STS-V)...current STS and SRX models use the 5L40 (V-6) and 5L50 (V-8) transmission. This likely marks a move within Cadillac to standard 6-speed transmissions across the board. This should help Cadillac stay in competition with moves from Mercedes and Lexus to go to ever increasing numbers of gear ratios in their models as well. Expect the 6L50 to be the transmission of choice in the 2007/2008 CTS when it debuts within the next year. Read the entire press release at: GM Media Online - General Motors Invests $170 Million To Expand Six-Speed Transmission Production In Ypsilanti