GM Readying 300hp Direct Injection 3.6l VVT V-6 for next CTS

nextCTSGM announced today a Direct Injection 3.6l VVT V-6 for use in an, as yet unnamed, 2008 model year product. Given that the new CTS is due around that time and that the BMW 3-Series coupe and Lexus IS have made 300+ hp the price of entry for thier top models - this would be a no-brainer for GM to debut in a Cadillac. Expect it to show up in the SRX and STS quickly thereafter, if not simultaneously. GM is claiming a 15% horsepower gain over a non-direct injection 3.6l as well as 8% increase in torque, a 3% fuel economy improvement, and a 25% reduction in cold-start hydrocarbon emissions. Direct injection uses high-pressure fuel injectors to provide fuel directly into the combustion chamber, instead of squirting it in through the open intake valve as is common practice today. Direct injection of the fuel cools the combustion chamber, allowing for higher compression, more complete combustion, reduced emissions, and greater power. Expect this technology to trickle down to the rest of GM's products over the coming years. Back to our guess that this engine will debut in the 2008 CTS...Given the current CTS' numbers of 255hp and 252lb*ft of torque, we could expect 293hp and 272 lb*ft from the new CTS (though GM quotes that the current 3.6l produces up to 267 hp which would mean the hp rating could go as high as 307 hp). Also expect a minor fuel economy improvement, especially if GM sees fit to put the new 6-speed auto from the STS into the new CTS. The new CTS is starting to look better and better all the time. Read GM's press release about the new 3.6 DI VVT V-6 at: GM Media - GM Powertrain Unveils 3.6-Liter VVT Engine With Direct Injection