Cadillac to abandon 'Break Through' ad campaign

ZepIt appears that Cadillac's new ad agency is ready to show what they are made of. Cadillac is expected to announce soon that they are dropping the 'Break Through' ad campaign and its Led Zeppelin 'Rock and Roll' theme song. Dealers who have seen the new ads seem to think that it was time for something new...and that this might be a bit too mainstream to be good. We like the Break Through ad campaign. It was part of Cadillac's image shift from old person's car to a young and hip and ever so edgy brand. We're afraid that a softer campaign might suggest a softer, less distinctive Cadillac image. However, we'll wait to see what the Modernista agency has come up with before passing judgment. We'll post details as soon as Cadillac announces the new campaign. Expect to see the new ads in August. See an article about the change over at - No more "Rock and Roll"