Gasp! - Cadillac to build CTS coupe?! Who'd have thunk it?

nextCTSImagine my surprise when I heard this morning that Automotive News was reporting that Cadillac is considering to build a Coupe version of the next CTS? Come on guys, we've been talking about that one over here for months. Now, what we had not heard before was a the suggestion that there might be a new crossover built on the new CTS. There is no clarification as to if this might be a new SRX, SRX replacement, alternative to the rumored Theta-based BRX, or an 'Outback'-ish version of a rumored CTS wagon. Given the stories also refer to an as-yet-undisclosed other variation - if this crossover is an all-wheel drive version of a CTS wagon, than that would suggest that rumors of a CTS wagon just got a shot in the arm. However, if it is a more SUV-esque entry than the 'other' variant could be just about anything. I'd throw my money behind a possible CTS convertible based on the upcoming coupe. The story states that GM has yet to officially approve these CTS derivatives, but I imagine that can't be far behind. Again, expect the new CTS to break cover at the Detroit auto show in January. Derivatives might wait until subsequent shows such as Chicago, New York, or Geneva. Of course, they could always pull a fast one and debut in Los Angeles in November to get a head start on all the buzz-worthy product that typically debuts in Detroit. Read other coverage at: Left Lane News: Cadillac considering CTS coupe, crossoverAll Cars, All the Time: Not Just a Sedan Anymore: CTS to Spawn Coupe, Crossover?