Cadillac testing new CTS-V

09CTSVThe good folks over at The Car Connection have spied a disguised 2009 CTS-V in testing. Look close and you'll notice the more agressive wheels/tires, bigger exhaust tips, and a modified hood. The photog even claims to have plainly heard a supercharger whine coming from this car as it rocketed past. Rumors are all over the map with regard to possible powertrain options - some expect a hopped-up Northstar V-8 (some even claiming no supercharging)...on the other end of the spectrum are folks expecting the same supercharged smallblock that should debut soon in an even higher performance Corvette model above the Z06 and putting out over 600hp. Time will tell. Check out the spy shots over at: The Car Connection: Spy Shots - 2009 Cadillac CTS-V