Cadillac to launch in South Africa

Cadillac announced today that they will launch sales of the BLS, STS, and SRX in South Africa starting early in 2007. But, let's see how they put it: Cadillac opened another chapter in its global expansion today by announcing the iconic luxury brand will be available in South Africa in early 2007. Initially, three Cadillac models will be sold in South Africa - the BLS mid-size sedan, the SRX crossover SUV, and the STS full-size sedan - all of which embody Cadillac's distinctive bold design, innovative technology and outstanding performance. “The portfolio we are offering in South Africa has been developed for luxury international markets,” said James Vurpillat, director of International Marketing and Brand Development for Cadillac. “The STS and SRX have achieved success in North America, Europe and Asia, and the new mid-size BLS has been an important addition to our Cadillac portfolio. South Africa is one of the fastest growing automobile markets in the world, and with our distinct portfolio of luxury vehicles, Cadillac is ready to further its expansion on the African continent.” The front-wheel drive BLS sedan offers expressive design, outstanding ride and acoustic comfort. The Cadillac SRX features the comfort of a luxury sport sedan combined with the versatility of a sport-utility vehicle. And, the flagship Cadillac STS offers some of the most advanced technologies available. “Cadillac’s art and science design enables buyers around the globe to demonstrate their individuality in a highly competitive segment that needs more edge,” said Edward Welburn, GM vice president of Global Design. Through the first half of 2006, Cadillac sales outside of the United States grew 13 percent compared to year ago levels. In China, where the brand was introduced only two years ago, sales were up 93 percent in the same period. And, in Europe, the launch of the Cadillac BLS helped sales in the first half grow by 30 percent. John Middlebrook, GM vice president of Global Sales, Service and Marketing added, “Cadillac’s global expansion is on track. Step by step we will continue to grow the Cadillac brand around the world.” “We are very pleased to be taking a GM brand into an important and growing market segment in South Africa,” said Maureen Kempston Darkes, president of GM Latin America, Africa and Middle East. “By setting a new standard in the luxury segment, Cadillac will significantly contribute to GM’s presence in South Africa." Robert Socia, president and managing director of GM South Africa, added, "In conjunction with the launch of the Cadillac brand, GM will begin a direct distribution network in South Africa. The network of retailers will open in major cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, and will be comprised of the best retailers in the country to guarantee a luxury customer experience.