SRX-V in the works?

Over at LeftLane News, they are running some spy shots that seem to show a mildly facelifted SRX (new taillights, etc.) in what can only be described as V-Series trim. SRX-V Spy ShotThe fenders sport Buick-esque port holes that suggest V-8 power. The front bumper has mesh accents that suggest a connection to the V-Series cars. The headlights have black accents in place of the amber signal/reflectors on their outbound edges. It is mentioned in this article that a sports model of the SRX has been rumored for some time, but the recently announced Sport package was taken by many to be the fruition of that rumor...perhaps there is more up Cadillac's sleeve. Wouldn't a supercharged Northstar V-8 make for an interesting addition to the slow-selling SRX? Read all about it at: LeftLane News: Spied - Cadillac SRX-V? Performance pack? Model facelift?