Edmunds recaps Cadillac future product plans

Edmunds' Inside Line sub-site decided recently to give a run-down of all the latest rumors of Cadillac's future products. Lots of this isn't really news to regulars of the Caddy Edge - but it might be interesting to put all of this in one post for future reference. Winding Road CTCI'll put the abbreviated version here - if you want more commentary you can check out the link to their post below... CTS - 2008 brings the new sedan, 2009 could see the introduction of the CTS coupe and wagon variants (of course, if you remember that the S in CTS means sedan, this could mean a CTC and CTW...though the strength of the CTS brand will likely mean these are going to be the CTS coupe and CTS wagon). BRX - smaller than SRX crossover. Based on GM's Theta platform that is the basis for products as varied as the Chevy Equinox, Saturn VUE, Pontiac Torrent, as well as the Suzuki XL7. Expect this as a 2010 model. BLS - second generation entry-level sedan based on the new Alpha chassis (rear drive and based on the Kappa and Zeta rear drive component sets). Alpha is expected to launch in 2010-2011 DTS - moving to the Zeta chassis and rear drive in 2010. XLS - Edmunds conjecture of the name for the on-again/off-again V-12 ultra-Cadillac sedan based on a lengthened Zeta chassis. Expected in 2010-2011. XLR - second generation of the SL competitor based on the new C7 Corvette chassis. Launched in 2012. SRX - cancelled due to low sales to be replaced by the CTS wagon and the BRX. Expect this to happen around 2010. STS - cancelled/replaced by the new rear-drive DTS. I'd disagree with Edmunds on this prediction. I expect that DTS will likely be the name that goes away given the brand equity that exists in the STS. It certainly looks like we are about 2 years from a busy time at Cadillac. If Edmunds is correct (or even partially so) in their reading of the tea leaves. Read their write-up at: Inside Line: Future Watch: Cadillac Getting a Radical Product Makeover