Where have I heard this before? - RWD plans for Cadillac

08 CTSGM Inside News is reporting on information they have from GM insiders as to GM and Cadillac's future rear-drive plans. Of note for us Cadillac fans: BLS will debut on the Alpha platform in early 2011 as a 2012 model in rear and all-wheel drive and will be targeted in size and mission directly against the BMW 3-series. What? Isn't the CTS supposed to be Cadillac's 3-series (if slightly larger) competitor? Not anymore. In 2010, Cadillac will make a significant refresh of the new CTS to move it upmarket to 5-series territory. What? What does that mean for the STS? Well, at about this time, Cadillac will discontinue the STS to make room for this re-positioning of the CTS. Expect the 3rd generation CTS to bow in 2012 as a 2013 and leave the Sigma chassis behind in favor of a version of the Zeta platform. Other significant product additions include a CTS coupe and wagon around 2009, a small utility (BRX) that will take parts from the Epsilon and Theta chassis. The CTS wagon and BRX will make the SRX redundant and expect it to leave the lineup in the 2009-2010 time frame. BRX will have a short life before being redesigned early in the next decade on the new Alpha chassis (and making the first BRX a short-lived excursion from Cadillac's all-rear drive/all the time strategy). While not mentioned in this piece, we also have heard many times that Cadillac is chomping at the bit for a large off-shoot of Zeta to fill-in the top of the line and give the brand a viable competitor for the BMW 7-series and Mercedes S-class, and expected to have V-12 power (at least as an option). Read all about it at: GMI: A Future Glimpse of GM's RWD Plans