Why the SRX is failing

From the news and rumors circulating lately...we can see the writing on the wall. The SRX is not going to be with us for much longer. Dana Buchman SRX SportThis got me wondering exactly what failed with the SRX - a vehicle that has received critical acclaim while not really selling anywhere near the numbers that Cadillac or the press might have expected. I think it comes down to it being the wrong kind of cross-over (which can be forgiven since the segment was brand new when the SRX debuted). Consumers seem to want their cross-overs to be more efficient and better driving SUVs. As such, they want that SUV macho look even if it is really a car underneath. In the case of the SRX, we have an SUV that looks too much like a car/wagon. So, SUV buyers rejected it as being _too much_ of a car while car buyers rejected it as not being _enough_ of a car. Expect the replacement of the SRX in the form of both a CTS wagon _and_ a new BRX cross-over. The CTS will appeal to luxury buyers who like their utility in a car package while the BRX is very likely to err more on the SUV/truck side of the cross-over continuum with more masculine styling. We expect the BRX to sell much better than the SRX while the CTS wagon will do well in Europe and get incremental sales in the US - all for very little investment from Cadillac.