Cadillac set to push DTS and STS during 2H07

Cadillac CrestAutomotive News is reporting that Cadillac is unhappy with sales of the STS and DTS sedan. In part, this is due to customers waiting for the refreshed 08 STS due out later this year. Sales of the DTS in May were down 20.7% while sales of the STS were down 18.1%. GM’s VP of sales is less than pleased, saying “I’m not satisfied with STS and DTS sales, so we’re working on very specific plans to get that back on track.” Combine higher ad spending with the freshened STS should get that back on track. Though, even with more ads, it is questionable if the DTS sales will rebound much without some sort of update. Also noted by executives at Cadillac are vague plans to bring out a sub-CTS sedan as well as a new product above the CTS...this fits nicely with rumors of a rear-drive BLS, upmarket CTS, and the DTS/STS being replaced by a 7-Series/S-class fighter.