More CTS-V speculation

Over the course of the last week or so, we've heard some pretty wild things about the engine powering the next CTS-V. AB_CTSV_EngineIt all started when Motor Trend published in their latest issue that a version of the upcoming Corvette SS' supercharged V-8 would find a home in detuned form under the V's bulging hood. The breathtaking tidbit was a claim that the V would pack approximately 600hp! Not long afterward, inside sources came out of the woodwork refuting this story. They reiterate that the V's powerplant will be over 500hp, but not a version of the Vette SS' new engine. Rumors vary from claims that the engine will be taken directly from the Z06 (a 505hp 7.0l smallblock) through claims that it will be a unique supercharged version of the standard 6.2l V-8 from the 2008 Corvette. So, no mater what the ultimate powerplant source is sure to be one hell of a screamer. Expect the V-series CTS to make its debut early in 2008 and go on sale in a little over a year as a 2009 model. Read the post at that features this spy shot of the engine bay of the next CTS-V (though the picture reveals no real details). Spy Shot - Cadillac CTS-V Engine Bay