So where are OUR wine and cigars?

Business Week has a interesting article about how Cadillac is wooing luxury buyers in China. As the Chinese discover mobility and acquire wealth, established luxury brands from the western world are throwing every trick they have at making sure they walk away with all this new-found Chinese cash. Chinese FlagGiven China's 1.2 billion people, even the tiny percentage that can afford such extravagances represent a significant number of sales - and mainly to people who have no brand loyalty _yet_. Other examples of Cadillac's push is unique models like the SLS, with improved rear accommodations to cater to the new Chinese rich who prefer to not drive themselves. Ultimately, increased volumes in emerging markets like China can only help Cadillac in their home market as each sale puts a bit more money in the bank that can then go to develop products for all markets. Read all about it (and don't miss the slide show that shows what a Cadillac showroom in Shanghai looks like) at: Business Week: Cadillac Floors it in China