Technophiles Rejoice! 08 CTS to get amazing entertainment system

08 CTS Nav and EntertainmentThe good folks over at TechnoRide have a review of the new...('audio system' seems so weak a descriptor)...entertainment mega-system...(yeah, that's better) that will debut with the 2008 CTS. What does this system have? What doesn't it have. I'll let TR give the details:

Satellite radio? XM is included. Line-in jack? Of course. USB socket? Check. iPod compatibility? Part of the USB configuration. Database for music lookup? The latest version. Touchscreen display for ease of use or cockpit control knob for tech buffs? It has both. Plays MP3, WMA, and AAC files off CDs? All of them, and even rips (transfers) MP3 CD data (some cars with hard drives rip only music from the original CDs).

In addition, the system contains a 40GB hard drive and provides Tivo-like functionality that stores the last 60 minutes of what you've listened to on either the regular radio or even XM, allowing you to zip back to listen to something you either missed or want to hear over again. (XM content even has bookmarks inserted so you can jump by entire songs easily - AM/FM jumps back in 30-second chunks). Have a USB 'memory key'? Put music on it, plug it into the dash, and listen to it just like you would from the built-in hard drive. One new feature of the nav system is the ability to set up to 6 location pre-sets and call them up (and get directions to them) quickly. This sounds like one amazing entertainment system and shows even more how competitive the new CTS will be when it goes on sale later this year. Read even more tech-y details over at: TechnoRide: The Cadillac CTS: The Future of Rock 'n' Roll in Cars