Car and Driver gives 'insight' to the future of Cadillac

CnD is a pretty good magazine - one I've subscribed to for years. However, this latest article on what Cadillac has up their sleeve is only partially consistent with the conventional wisdom. Short version is that they expect Cadillac to offer (at least in some markets): CTS coupe CTS wagon sub-CTS (they hint that the second generation BLS is coming, but don't mention the rumored Alpha rwd chassis) next SRX (unlike other sources, CnD expects the next SRX to stay on the Sigma chassis) next DTS (flying in the face of everything we've heard, they expect there to be a new front-drive DTS due to fuel economy regs - as if front drive is magically more fuel efficient). All-in-all, a pretty fluffy article that is less than I've come to expect from Car and Driver. There is a nice slide-show of the new CTS that accompanies the article though. Car and Driver: The Future of Cadillac