Today's news about future Cadillac product

Automotive News has managed to get a lot of auto blogs buzzing about the future of Cadillac. Cadillac CrestThey are repeating what has been said for a while that a new small, rear-drive sedan is on the way, a small SUV is coming too (BRX), that the SRX is likely to be dropped, the DTS/STS are going to be merged. However, they really botch their projected new lineup by saying the STS/DTS replacement will compete against the 5-series. This doesn't make a lick of sense since rumors up to this point all point to the CTS moving up-market, the alpha-based BLS taking the CTS' place as the 3-series competitor, and the STS/DTS replacement going after the BMW 7-series/Mercedes S-Class. At this point, I think the only real question is if the SRX will get a more SUV-esque replacement with the CTS wagon taking the car-like, mid-sized utility segment or if the SRX will just go away altogether. We should start to get some more concrete news out of Cadillac in the next year or so (since the rumored product should debut as 2010-2012 model year.