2008 CTS makes Car and Driver's 10 Best list

The awards keep pouring in. Not that many days ago, Motor Trend named the CTS their 'Car of the Year'. Car and Driver LogoNow, Car and Driver has honored the new CTS as one of the 10 Best Cars. From C&D's criteria:

We judge each car in three general areas, the first being how well the vehicle performs its intended functions. We expect sports cars to be fast and exhilarating, whereas we presume a family sedan will be frugal and practical. Second, we show a preference for the more engaging cars in each category, be it athletic driving manners, a seductive look, or a powerful engine sure to induce a grin every time we climb behind the wheel. Finally, we are suckers for a good deal, so an inexpensive car that’s fast, fun, and practical will certainly rise to the top of our list.

Significantly, the BMW 3-Series, a perennial 10 best winner, is also on the list. So C&D felt good enough about both to let both on the list together. Read all about it at: Car and Driver: 2008 10Best Cars