CTS-V to get All-wheel drive?

Autocar out of the UK has an interesting article about the upcoming CTS-V. Despite the fact that they seem to think the CTS has a rear-mounted transmission (instead of the transmission behind the engine connected to the rear-end via a drive-shaft/differential like it actually does) they are hearing rumors that the CTS-V will put its rumored 500+ horsepower to the pavement in a very Audi-esque way through an all-wheel drive system. This would certainly be in keeping with the luxury image that all-wheel drive is taking on - as well as differentiating the CTS-V from the other V-8 performance sedans that GM will be bringing to market in the next few years (Pontiac G8 GT, Chevy Impala, etc.). This could also help differentiate the V from the BMW M5 and also explain how Cadillac spokes-people are so certain that the current V's real axle hop under acceleration is not going to be an issue with the new car. Expect all to be answered for sure in January when Cadillac is expected to debut the CTS-V to the public. Autocar.co.uk: Cadillac CTS-V gets 4WD, but no UK visa?