C7 Corvette on hold. What does this mean for the XLR?

XLR PlatinumThis week, word leaked out that the program to design the next Chevrolet Corvette had been put on hold due to uncertainty around how GM will meet the upcoming 2020 Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements. The most likely result is a smaller/lighter Corvette (possibly based on the smaller Kappa platform used by the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky). This would allow the use of a smaller V-8 than the Corvette's current 6.2l pushrod small-block to get similar performance all with better fuel economy. Our expectation is this would result in a slightly expanded 2nd generation Kappa chassis for both the Corvette and XLR in order to separate the models from the smaller Kappa models and allow for the larger interiors that buyers of both expect. Expect a smaller V-8 for the Corvette with the XLR getting a high-tech V-6 based on the 304hp mill from the CTS/STS - perhaps with forced induction. Stay tuned.