More spy shots of the upcoming BRX/BTX small crossover

AutoBlog BRX SpyshotAutoblog has posted a series of new spy shots of what we've been expecting to be the new small crossover from Cadillac (thought to be either the BTX or BRX). Giving the styling hints given by the Provoq concept - I'm starting to doubt that this is the Cadillac crossover (or that Cadillac is being pretty inconsistent in their styling theme on the production version vs. the concept). For example, the 'side window graphic' in designer-speak is completely different. Check out the trailing edge of the rear door window shape, especially how it meets the C-pillar. The spy shots show a BMW-esque kick-forward while the concept was much more consistent with the CTS/CTS coupe with a taper from roof to body that is unbroken. x08cc ca035The headlights seem to wrap into the fender, as in the Provoq - but given that even Chevrolet and Saturn are using similar themes - that doesn't tell us much. The lower grill/running-light area and the front to back rising character line on the spy shots are the only things I think match the Provoq. I guess we'll see in the next year which brand this little crossover belongs to. Check it out at: Autoblog: Cadillac BRX - spy shots