Cadillac announces future product in GM announcement

Update: GM released a clearer picture of the 2010 SRX - replaced the blurry version fron Jalopnik. GM, a company that is seeing the many changes in the US and world market that are hurting its profitability, took the chance on Tuesday to show off that they are far from out of competition. 2010 SRXOn the Cadillac front, the new CTS Coupe and Wagon were announced - the wagon for spring 2009, the coupe for summer 2009. In addition, the new Theta Premium based crossover - which had been called everything from the BRX, the BTX, and most recently the SRX - was actually shown on screen with the confirmed name of SRX. We should expect it in the first half of 2009. It appears that the next 12 months are going to be pretty exciting for all of us as the new CTS models and the SRX join the soon-to-be-released CTS-V.