Spy Shot Weekend: CTS-V Coupe!

While Cadillac has made no bones about the fact that the CTS and CTS-V coupes would launch simultaneously...it has taken until today to finally snag a shot of the mythic giant-killer...the CTS-V coupe...undergoing testing. CTS-V CoupeLooking pretty much the same as the non-V coupe, this one is certainly the hot one due to the size of the tire/wheel/brake package and the giant dual round exhausts exiting in the same center location as the standard coupe. While the CTS-V sedan is already proving to be quite a runner...we can only wonder if the CTS-V coupe might get an even harder edge to take on the BMW M3 directly. See more pics of the CTS-V coupe over at: LeftLaneNews.com: Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Spied!