Cadillac Builds 38 CTS Sport Wagons in June

Recently discovered documents from the Lansing plant that builds the CTS have shown something that, at first, might be a bit alarming to wagon fans. Sport WagonIn the month of June, Cadillac produced exactly 38 CTS Sport Wagons. Now, that brings total 2010 production of the wagon to 4187 units - so that June number is awfully low. The good folks over at Jalopnik got in touch with Cadillac and the official statment is that the wagon production was cut back while they get the line ready to produce the 2011 CTS Coupe (of which 816 were produced in June). This seems reasonable as the wagons that were produced in June included the first 2011 models as well - meaning that June was when the 2010 -> 2011 model year change-over happened. Preparing for the Coupe's launch would have resulted in some cut-back in other areas, especially if dealer inventories were sufficient that taking the month off wouldn't put sales in a bind. Compare all of this to CTS Sedan production in June of 4718 (yep, more sedans in one month than wagons for the year). We'll have to keep an eye on this type of data down later in the year to see if wagon production stays low - suggesting that sales aren't what they should be. Stay tuned.