Cadillac making new stab at European market

CTSV WagonNot that long ago, Cadillac's efforts to be a player in Europe collapsed with the loss of the Kroymans Group - which marketed the brand on the continent. Now, GM has decided to, rather than go truely head-to-head with BMW/Mercedes/Audi in their home turf, they will market the CTS line and the new SRX and attempt to make a push as a 'niche' brand. A sign of this is the drop of the planned diesel engine (typically a kiss of death to sales in a market where most cars are diesel powered) - so we have them supplying a wagon body style that Europeans are expected to respond favorably to, but not the powertrains those same buyers want. It will be interesting to see if this strategy will do any more for the brand. It certainly feels like this is a re-focusing on getting the product mix right in the home market (i.e. get the ATS line in place and work on a true flagship above the XTS) while trying to not abandon the Euro market during the transition.