Cadillac to put turbo, direct-injection 2.0l 4 in Chinese SLS

You remember the SLS, don't you? It is the Chinese-only version of our STS that gets a better interior and nearly 4 inches more length given almost entirely to the back seat. It satisfies a need that is unique to the Chinese market where the majority of people who can afford a Cadillac also employ a driver. SLSWell, there is a tidbit about the SLS that comes to us courtesy of and suggests that a version of the GM 2.0l direct-injected, turbo 4-cylinder will be offered soon. If it packs the same punch as when put in the Opel Insignia also available in the Chinese market, it would supply about 220hp and more torque than the base V-6 currently offered. It would allow Cadillac to offer higher fuel economy, in line with increasingly tight economy regs in China with similar performance to the current offerings. It is unclear exactly when this engine will be offered for sale and if it will spell the end to the base V-6 offering (which would seem redundant once the turbo 4 is offered). It is highly unlikely that Cadillac would make such a move in the US market with our reluctance to accept low cylinder counts in luxury models - despite the fact that the performance would likely match or exceed normally aspirated engines with more cylinders. However, no one would have predicted that the 3.6l DI V-6 would essentially have replaced the Northstar V-8 either, with the discontinuation of the V-8, it has. Source: AutoEvolution