Details of Cadillac Flagship explained

Recently, news was flying that GM had, at Chairman Whitacre's request, green-lit a program to get a Cadillac a true, rear-drive based, flagship to replace the upcoming XTS sedan and to put Cadillac toe-to-toe with Mercedes' and BMW's best. SixteenGMInside News has posted what their sources have discovered, and that is that, like many things, this is more complex than the initial reports suggest. In essence, GM's product planning board has approved looking at options for a Cadillac flagship. It will be after GM's IPO before the program is official approved. Of many decisions that need to be made, what platform this car will be build from (in the running appear to be an offshoot of Zeta or perhaps a new platform in development referred to as Beta). Given that Cadillac has an entire product cycle with XTS as Cadillac's biggest offering, there is some time to decide, approve, and get the product exactly right. Ultimately, we are likely at least 5 years from a production model - so there will be lots of news, rumors, and conjecture in the coming years on this product. So, stay tuned. Source: GMI