ATS and ATS-V powertrain details guessed-at

The folks over at Cheers and Gears have put together a best guess as to what powertrain options we should expect in the 2014 Alpha-based ATS and ATS-V. As you might recall, the Alpha and its stretched version the Alpha Plus will be the basis for new Cadillacs as varied as the new ATS and the 3rd generation CTS and the upcoming 6th generation Chevy Camaro. The good folks at C&G have put together best guesses based on GM powertrain cadence to give some expectations for the engines and transmissions we could expect to see. Of note:

  • 2.0l Turbo DI 4-cylinder as a base engine packing 270hp
  • 3.6l DI V-6 with 330hp (up from today's 304)
  • 6.2l DI V-8 with 470hp (this is based on current output of this displacement V-8 and extra power attributable to Direct Injection)
  • They are also guessing at a 6-speed auto available on the ATS-V and an 8-speed available in the V-6 and 4
  • Economy numbers could be into the low 30's highway for the 4, 30 in the V-6, and 25 for the big, honking V-8.

Read all the speculation over at: Cheer and Gears: 2014 Cadillac ATS - Powertrain Predictions