Could Cadillac's Flagship be a mid-engined supercar?

CienRemember the Cien? The V-12 powered monster that Cadillac put on the show stands some years ago? It supposedly served as the inspiration for what became our current CTS Coupe - but Car and Driver are hearing that it might not be as dead as we all expected. While we have been expecting a 7-series/S-class fighter to slot ahead of the upcoming, unannounced XTS - there are apparently some in GM that would like to see a true supercar in the mold of the Cien make it to production. This seems fairly unlikely, but I certainly see no reason to believe that uber-Sedan and a matching super sports car couldn't both be on the way. The S-Class certainly doesn't keep Mercedes from building the gull-winged SLS and even the CL 4-seat mega-coupe. We'll see, I suppose. Source: