Is ATS in trouble?

GMInsideNews is reporting that there are some troubling reports from within the ATS program. As you and I know it, ATS is a product based on the new Alpha chassis that was originally for small rear drive products for Holden, Cadillac, and previously Pontiac before its demise. The Alpha program started as the next generation of the Kappa chassis that was the basis of the Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, and the Opel GT. Over the years, the program has grown and had its scope altered with each brand that signed on and came with their own requirements and demands. Unfortunately, this seems to have resulted in an ATS that is bumping into 4000 lbs which far outweighs the intended competition from BMW (which is more in the 3500-3600 range), Audi A4 (3500-3700), and Mercedes C-class (3500 to start). There is apparently a crash program in place to cut hundreds of pounds out of the ATS to get it down to a competitive weight. Also, changes to powertrain requirements, V-6 and AWD options for example, have forced changes to front suspension geometry that could impact the competitiveness of the ATS' handling vs the competition. Read more about this program and the issues they are reportedly having over at: Source: GM Inside News