Cadillac Flagship - thine name is Omega

The good folks over at GMI are reporting that a proper Cadillac flagship, high tech and rear drive like God intended a Cadillac to be, will hit production in 3-5 years. Built on a new, heavily revised and aluminum intensive variant of the Zeta chassis internally known as Omega...the new car will displace the XTS which has apparently not exactly impressed GM management with it's flagship cred. This might mean Cadillac will position the XTS as more of a STS replacement rather than a flagship product, leaving room for the new car when it arrives a couple years later. If this is the case, we'll go out on a limb and predict the XTS name might be supplanted by a return to the STS moniker to cement it's lower than top dog position. Depending on the front-driver's ability to draw buyers, it likely will enjoy a short run before disappearing a year or so after the new Omega-based car bows. Now, Cadillac, about that coupe version to hunt CL's... Source: GM Inside News