ATS Details Released

Image Gallery of the new ATS2013 cadillac ats12It seems that the rest of the online world has real trouble with time zones - as the ATS details have been released hours before the unveil. What we now know is that the ATS, unlike our worst fears and rumors, is actually packing one of the lowest curb weights in its segment at under 3400 lbs. This puts it in line with the C-class and 3-Series competition. Nobody saw that coming. However, we also don't know what curb weights do for the upgrade engines (assuming the under 3400 level is the base engine). 2013 cadillac ats04Speaking of base...the entry power is a 2.5l 4-cylinder, as we knew. Direct injection and a 11.4 to 1 compression ratio gives 200hp @ 6200 rpm, 188 lb*ft @ 4500 and a 7000 rpm redline. Mid-way up we get the 2.0l DI Turbo 4-cylinder with 270hp @ 5300, 260 lb*ft @ 2400 (wow!), but a redline down at 6350 - but given the low-end torque, this could be the fun option...especially in Oxygen challenged mountain states (like tCE headquarters). For those for whom extra cylinders are all that matter - you have the option of Cadillac's tried and true 3.6 DI V-6 with 318hp @ 6800, 267 lb*ft @ 6800, and a 7200 rpm redline. Backing these engines are a pair of 6-speed transmissions. A Tremec M3L TR3160 - fully synchro unit with overdrive on 6th only and a 6L45 Hydra-matic with overdrive on 5th and 6th. Final drive with the non-turbo engines is a 3.27 while the turbo gets 3.45. All-wheel drive is part of the plan as well but exact availability - paired with which engines/transmissions - hasn't been made clear. Likely, in Cadillac tradition, it will be backed only by the automatic transmission - tCE is ready to shed a tear once again at not being allowed the option of row-your-own gear changes with the all-wheel drive the mountains tend to prefer. 2013 cadillac ats10 Also not announced are body styles other than the sedan or of V-series rocket-ships. This will also be, as expected, the second home to Cadillac's new CUE infotainment system that promises to fix, finally, the issues Cadillac has had competing with all the other luxury brands when it comes time to do all the whiz-bang things that modern personal electronics promise. More details as they become available.