Cadillac ATS Pricing Announced

Cadillac announced an opening price for their new ATS of $33990. This includes the 2.5l 4-cylinder powertrain w/ rear-wheel drive and automatic transmission (manual is available on the 2.0l DI Turbo only, as you may recall). This combo also delivers expected fuel economy of 'well over' 30mpg on the highway. 2013 cadillac ats13The mid-range (and in our view, most desirable configuration, with 2.0 turbo and rear-drive and manual transmission) will start at $35795. This is also the least expensive model to off all-wheel drive (though with the automatic tranny only) For those who just have to have the V-6, despite the poorer fuel economy and not appreciably more power than the 2.0 turbo...expect to plop down at least $42090 but you also get standard automatic, CUE, and leather 8-way power seats. All-wheel drive is an option on this trim as well. All prices include destination charges. ATS goes on sale in the summer and goes head-to-head with BMW's 3-series and Audi's A4 offerings while also being one of, if not the, lightest offerings in the segment.