GM Requests 'LTS' Trademark

GM requested recently a trademark on a new three-letter model designator that certainly points to a new sedan in the Cadillac stable. 'LTS' has the inter-webs all a-twitter with speculation that this is the name of the rumored Omega-chassis ultra-sedan Cadillac is working on. While there is little doubt that a 7-Series, S-Class competitor is in the works - it seems a bit early to be trademarking names for a vehicle that is probably close to 4 years from release. But, if Cadillac really liked the name, it would make sense to reserve it ahead of time. However, assuming that Cadillac is attempting to keep their naming somewhat rational, with the leading letters in alphabetical order from small sedans to large, then it seems that it would be odd to have the LTS being a flagship with the XTS sitting in the lineup as well (ATS, CTS, XTS, LTS?). Given that the XTS will likely be popular with the same buyers that enjoyed the DeVille and DTS - it will also likely stick around for some time just for the boost it gives Cadillac's bottom line...meaning they should be thinking about how much sense the names make with consumers. We'd like to think (well, after we stop thinking that XTS was way to far into the alphabet for the current car) that the flagship might be something like a ZTS. SLSAnother possibility that comes to mind is if LTS might designate a long-wheelbase model, perhaps for China - though based on what model is hard to say. Until its cancellation, the STS had an SLS extended wheelbase variant with the extra room dedicated to the rear seat (common practice in China where many luxury buyers employ a chauffeur). If this is a reservation for the new flagship - we won't see confirmation for some time. But, if it is for a Chinese model, we should see something in the coming several months. Of course, we could all be wrong. Time will tell.